Thank you for your interest in organizing your Joomla! Event. All event submissions on this site are subject to moderation by the Joomla Events Team.

Please use the following steps to ensure the best chance of getting your event approved.


Step #1 - Get An Account

If you are new to this site, please register for an account here.


Step #2 - Review The Checklists

The following are the mandatory things you will need to have in place in order to have your event approved.

Official Joomla Events Checklist

User Group Meetups Checklist

  • You need a website for your event.
  • You need a confirmed event date.
  • You need a confirmed venue.
  • Your website must include the following disclaimer in minimum 8 point, clear contrasting colors to your site: (edit for your event type)
    "[JoomlaDay™][JoomlaNight™][JoomlaCamp] [JoomlaFestival™][Pizza, Bugs, and Fun] events are officially recognized, but not organized, by the Joomla!® Project and Open Source Matters, Inc. Each event is managed independently by a local community. The Joomla! name and logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters, the trademark holder in the United States and other countries."
  • On your event web site please be sure to place the "!" and the superscript ® after the first instance of the use of the word Joomla on the page, Joomla!® (this applies to you also if you use the word Joomla in your site title, header image, or as part of your slogan, etc.)
  • Event must be submitted at least 45 days before your event.
  • Registered Joomla User Groups are allowed to submit their meetings to the calendar.
  • You need a date
  • You need a location
  • You must have in-person meetups. (Virtual meetings will not be approved.)


Step #3 - Submit Your Event In English Language

  • Please submit your event title and description in the English language.
  • Your event descriptions may include an alternate language description, but please make sure that your English version is listed in the description first.


Step #4 - Image Sizing

  • We recommend that you size your event images to 250px width and 350px height for the best presentation.
  • All event images will be automatically resized to the dimentions above.



Step #5 - Naming Conventions

Registered events will all have names with this structure: Joomla Y X.

Y is the type of event, valid types are:

    • Day
    • Night
    • Camp
    • Festival
    • User Group Meeting

X is an appropriate city or country describing the event's geographic location, for example:

    • Frankfurt, Germany
    • Chicago USA
    • London UK

You should make sure that for someone who reads the name it is clear where the Joomla Event is. So "JoomlaDay™ West", "JoomlaDay™ South" or "Joomla User Group Meeting Germany" doesn't make so much sense. Good examples are:

    • JoomlaDay Paris, France
    • JoomlaDay Chicago USA
    • JoomlaNight Chile
    • JoomlaCamp Pune, India
    • Joomla! User Group Meeting Hamburg, Germany



Step #6 - Trademark Compliance

The Joomla! Events Team have a direct interest in maintaining the integrity of the Joomla brand. As such, we are here to help events organizers to follow the rules of the Joomla trademark, logo, brand, etc. properly. If you are not sure if a usage is allowed by the rules, then please contact us and we will be hapy to assist you.