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Event Date: Starts at 2014-05-30. Ends at 2014-06-01 ( European Central Time (GMT+1:00) )


J and Beyond is an International Joomla Conference for web developers and site builders.

There are so many benefits for you from taking the time from your busy schedule to attend J and Beyond. We know it's a sacrifice on your part. It's a commitment to attend and focus on something other than your daily job. And it's an immense gift of your time to the Joomla community. But that's not where it ends.

Because you gain something in return, you profit from this use of your time, it's not just a gift, it's not just a lost weekend, it's much much more. It's an investment. It's an investment in yourself, in your business, and in Joomla. It's from this idea the theme for this year was chosen.

Invest in the future of Joomla, invest in the future of your business, and invest in the future of yourself.


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